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What distinguishes a conscious leader?

Conscious leaders pay more attention to context than to content.
Because HOW we work together influences the quality of WHAT we achieve. Conscious Leadership prioritises personal, cultural and systemic development and does not delegate this.

There is no doubt that leadership training plays an important role, but it rarely has a sustainable impact on corporate culture. (New skills are quite useless if they cannot be applied.)

Culture is to leaders as climate is to farmers – it affects what thrives. Luckily, we have more influence on culture because it is an expression of how we interact with each other. If we want a different culture, we need a different behaviour. How we behave is determined by what we consider important and meaningful. Therefore, in my view, effective leadership development focuses on purpose, self-awareness and values.

The challenge is: How can we further develop our concept of self, our personal beliefs and value systems? And how do we do that in our team? As a leader, you know that we cannot change people.
What we can do, however, is to invite ourselves and our team to change perspectives, to try out new ways of looking at things –

on an intellectual, emotional and intuitive level.
And that holds huge potential: because how often are we not able to solve a problem because we have not yet taken the perspective from which the solution emerges!

So that’s what the Conscious Leadership Teaser Series is all about: expanding your consciousness and discovering powerful new perspectives to master the day-to-day challenges you face as a leader.


How it works:

Each teaser is an introduction to the field of conscious leadership from a different angle. The individual teasers do not build on each other so you can start from whatever draws your attention. We meet online via Zoom, Skype or Teams for sixty minutes with a part of speaking, practicing and reflecting.

Price per teaser for a maximum of eight people:
179 Euro plus VAT

Via online calendar you can schedule an appointment. Upon booking confirmation, i will call you to select the teaser topic which best matches your interest. (When you click on the teaser images, you get more information on each individual topic.)